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28 January 2007 @ 10:09 pm
Okay, it's sinking in. It's really hitting me now. 

I HAVE A HALF BROTHER! I never even knew about him! My step-mom is pissed with my real dad because his affair coming out. If he even told her about it. What the hell!? How could my mom be the other woman!? How could she never tell me my dad was married!? Gee, mom, anything else to spring on me? Maybe I have a cousin who's a horse? 

I wish my Dad was more active in my life. Like other than the cheating on his wife part and then taking off. He knew about me, because he sent me presents. I remember when I was a kid, and I'd always write out an invitation for him to come to a party, and I'd dress up in one of those fancy dresses, and wait for him to show, but he never would. He never came. 

And now I'm supposed to be okay with that? 

No way, Daddy darlin'. 

28 January 2007 @ 04:20 pm
So things have been a little crazy around the Bolton house. For one thing I found out I have a half sister. Hannah. She seems nice, she's around my age so we'll be going to East High together. Guess I'll have to show her around, cuz Mom and Dad asked me to look out for her today.

Other than that things have been relitively normal until lately. Hanging out with Chad, going out with Gabriella, meeting the gang, playing basketball, pretty normal East High stuff.

Guess thats all I have to say, I pretty much suck at this log thing, dont I?

28 January 2007 @ 11:55 am

Today, I met my half-brother, dad and step-mom.

Definately weird. Me and Troy are 'round the same age, he's six months older, so I guess he got a little bored or sometihng, and met my mom. Then after that, he went home, and Mom met my (Step) Dad, and they got married. Everything was just fine, living in Georgia, til Dad joined the army and went over to Iraq, and Mom got in trouble with her drinking. So the Children's Services lady picked me up and I told them I had another dad somewhere.  I gave them his name, and they found him. They had to put me in a group home for little while, but they found him, and I'm here in New Mexico now. Most definately weird.

I met my Step-Mom. I think my mom is prettier. I call her Kristine, right? I don't think of her as my mom, no way.

I have an older brother. Hell, I have a sibling. That's so weird. I always thought I was an only child. 

Do I call my real dad Jack or Dad or what?

Oh. My. God. EMILY-ROSE HAS AN LJ! I just checked her site! I'm adding her! Her name is


*Only visable to people who know who she is*

Ha ha, that amuses me. I can play a fan girl really well. It was just announced, and Emily is getting a bunch of e-mail notifications about people adding her. She's more popular than I realized.

Seriously, it is a little weird, being in a house I haven't been in since I was what, three? And I live here now. I start school on Monday, and I'm so nerovus. I just know I'm gonna screw something up. Well, off to reherase a bit, and narrow the ten possible outfits down to three and then bed for this super-star, lol.

*End invisablity*



OOC: I originally posted this a little after midnight on Saturday, but my asthma is acting up so I'm doing my machine and this.

Stef and I decided the cover story for their relationship is they're half-sibs through Troy's dad, Jack. Since Hannah is paranoid about people finding out about Emily-Rose.

And that is a journal for Emily-Rose. Everyone please add her. Emily-Rose is like inspired by Hannah Montana. She's super popular, the kind of star everyone knows who she is. And one of the biggest debates is who she really is. She doesn't hide she performs under an alias, but no one outside of family knows who she is. If she gets a boyfriend, or makes friends and really trusts them, she'll tell them, because it sucks having to lie to everyone.

21 December 2006 @ 11:20 pm
Welcome to East High RP, a roleplay community for the movie High School Musical. Right now, the RP is not open yet. We're targeting an open date of about mid-January.

For more details on this RP (such as how to apply), please go to easthighnews.