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East High RP - A High School Musical RPG

East High School - a roleplaying game
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It's been nearly a year since basketball jock Troy Bolton and brainiac Gabriella Montez starred in the Winter Musical '06. Everyone seems to be getting along fine, clique lines are still being blurred. The next Winter Musical is on its way, and our two star stage couples are gunning for the top spots as usual. But with Ms. Darbus being secretive about the plot and some students wanting things back to the way they were, everything could turn upside down in a single day...


Note: IC - In Character, OOC - Out Of Character

1. To apply, please go to easthighnews, our OOC community. Further instructions are on the profile page.

2. You must stay in theme with High School Musical. Some things just are not going to happen, no matter how you want them to. For example, Ms. Darbus is NOT going to have a crush on Troy.

3. There is no age limit, success of an application is based on how well you can play the character.

4. No god-modding. That means you can only control your own character. If you want to start a miniplot that involves other characters, talk it over with the other players controlling those characters first.

5. Be nice to the other players. Remember not to confuse IC feelings with OOC feelings.

6. All character posts go to the community. You can crosspost to the character's personal journal if you like. This is to make it easier to view all character posts at once. Also, please tag your character posts with your character name.

7. All other OOC posts, such as announcements, going on hiatus, miniplot points that you may want to develop, go into the OOC community (easthighnews). A note on miniplots: Once they have been confirmed, it would be good to post a summary of it, so we can put it in the Current Ongoing Plots section below, to keep better track of the game.

8. Please type with proper punctuation and grammar. And don't use sticky caps. Reading posts that l00k l!K3 tH!s is extremely annoying. Also, try not to use *action here*. If a part of your post is supposed to be read by one person only, put it under an lj-cut with that person's name on it.

9. Try not to fall inactive or go on long periods of hiatus. Not only will you have lots to catch up on, it's hard for the players too, especially if your character is heavily involved in the plot. If you repeatedly go inactive after being warned, your character may be given to someone else.

10. Can you try to make all posts in the main community Friends Only? This helps us keep the happenings in the community private, and if people want to join, they can audition first.

11. And finally, if you have any other questions, the mods are always here for you.


To prevent any plot problems due to characters falling inactive, we ask that you keep these rules in mind when roleplaying.

Try to post minimum of two posts a week. We will usually allow slight concessions. If in two weeks, you have not posted the expected amount, you will be issued with a warning. If you accumulate two warnings, you will be put on probation. Probation means your character may be given to someone else.

If you are going on hiatus, please fill in this hiatus application form, and post it to the OOC community. The mods will read through your app, and then approve or deny it. Forms must be submitted at least a week before the start of the hiatus, unless there is a good reason for not doing this. Obviously, if you are sick, or a member of your family is, you could not know this a week beforehand. This form process just helps us re-plan any plots your character may be involved in.

Hiatus Form
Period of hiatus: (the exact start and end dates)
Reason for hiatus: (please think through this carefully, reasons such as a generic "I will be busy" will be automatically denied).

Current ongoing plots

Winter Musical '07: Ms. Darbus is being highly secretive about the plot for the upcoming Winter Musical. Does this mean something unusual, instead of the usual romance between the two leading characters? No one else knows about it except Kelsi...